Downloads ::

Latest STABLE release of ircd-hybrid:

Latest STABLE release of HOPM (hybrid open proxy monitor):

SVN ::

The ircd-hybrid and HOPM SVN repositories can be accessed via ViewVC, and anonymous SVN. They are updated every two minutes. Use SVN versions at your own risk! SVN versions are under active development and usually are not ready for release — they may not even compile at any given moment. You have been warned!

» ViewVC interface

Anonymous SVN checkout instructions:

For the ircd-hybrid 8.2.x branch:
svn co svn://

For the HOPM 1.1.x branch:
svn co svn://

Remember, these SVN versions are not suitable for production environments and should be used for testing purposes only.

GIT ::

We also have a mirror on GitHub which you can use to fork and submit pull requests for review. Be aware that this is only a copy of the working respositories which are not maintained on GitHub.

» ircd-hybrid development projects on GitHub